Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas! Well, so what!  Just another day out of work, no money to be made today!  And another tomorrow as well!  Yea!  Now I have to make up the lost time and money this weekend!  HELL YEAH!  Image result for Angry face

On a lighter note…

I AM home so I can screw around, play with my laptop, fix cars, work on the house, open presents, watch my happy kids, eat fattening foods, etc etc!  SO!  Things aren’t ALL bad.


  • Breakfast, presents
  • Chill..
  • Program? Updated IntelliJ, as I always do.  But I never actually WRITE anything.  No time to do anything serious.
  • Android? I am actually more interested in this.
  • Robotics? And this! I want to build some high quality robots for fun.  I want to use LabVIEW and the Vision software to build a auto turret.  Or do I?
  • Jesus. I believe.  But what am I doing? I pray a little, read my Bible a little. But do I love and care for others? Am I guilty of being the ‘lazy, wicked servant’? God have mercy on me!
  • My family

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Racing through this month..but getting my shit together about saving money.  I have basically quit eating lunch out.  Still have progress to make on not buying junk.  I think maybe a once a month pizza/chinese food will be ok.

Been working on Java/Android.  Learning the basics of classpath in Java.  It is more involved a concept than I had imagined.  It’s going to take some practice before I have the concept down pat.  So far, I understand:

  • You MUST have a directory structure that matches the package name, which is in dotted notation.
  • You have to run classes from the ROOT of the package (eg. C:\Users\Documents\java). Basically, it is the directory just above the

My Escape

Clouds three-sixty, sun is warm

Big sky now, filled with awe

Peaceful rest, none to bother

Now I’ve come out from the storm

Away from madness, I have come

Over a bridge, is how I’ve run

Simply put, I made my way

Through the waters, here I’ll stay

Yellows and browns on all sides,

Then roaring ocean before my eyes.